Fisher Dowell Building Surveyors provide quality comprehensive building surveying services and building permit approvals for all our clients and their property needs.

Featured Services

Building Permits

Fisher Dowell Building Surveyors issue a wide range of Building Permits for all types of buildings and construction projects.

Mandatory Building Inspections

Inspections of building work are an important feature of the building permit process. As registered building surveyors and inspectors we are authorised to carry out all prescribed stages of inspections.

Building Advice and Consultation

Every project is different, so whether you require assistance at the beginning of your project or during, we can offer advice on statutory and regulatory requirements, which will save you time and money.

Building Certification & Compliance Certificates

Fisher Dowell Building Surveyors can assist in liaising with council on illegal building work that council have served a building notice on. We can provide a preliminary review on the situation and advise on possible resolutions. Ring for a fee proposal for a site view and preliminary guidance.

Additional Services

Council Notices/Orders – Illegal works resolutions

Preparation of Performance Assessments

Preparation of Modification Applications to the Building Appeals Board

Preparation of Appeal Applications to the Building Appeal Board

Preparation of Report and Consent Applications for Councils

Preparation of Report and Consent Applications for Water or Electrical Authorities

Apply for Property Information Certificates and Legal Point of Discharge

Title Searches and Easement Advice

Town Planning Advice